Google News has been redesigned for iPad and other tablets

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// December 18, 2012

The iPad is my favorite way for reading the latest news and Google News is one of my preferred sources. If you have used Google News lately on an iPad you may noticed a new look to the website. The news section has been updated specifically for tablets with a new layout and the ability to swipe through articles.

There’s also a new “Explore in depth” area to see more related articles, photos and videos.

The new layout moves the news sections from the side of the screen to the top and increases the font size along with the spacing. While some people will like the new look and feel of Google News on iPad, others will want to change back to the familiar desktop version.

Tablet Optimized Google News

Desktop Version of Google News on iPad

To change back to the desktop version of Google News on your iPad:

1. Sign in to your Google account and tap on the settings icon at the top right of the screen.
2. Uncheck “Use the new Google News” box.
3. Tap Save changes.

This will revert you back to the desktop version of Google News on your iPad. You can then go back to settings and choose from one or two columns.

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