How to Fix Blue Screen of Death in iOS 9 for iPhone 6 and iPad Air

// June 23, 2016
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The blue screen of death is relatively unheard on the iPhone. However, there is a problem and it started with iPhone 6 and spread across to 6 as well as 6s. Experiencing a white or black screen before on an iPhone or iPad is nothing unusual.

But the blue screen of death is known to strike Windows 10 and other operating systems. There is currently no precise solution to this issue on the Apple iPhone. Apple has released firmware updates (one or two) to deal with the issue. But this did not let for long as iPhone users saw it again all on account of the infinite boot loop.

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How to Solve This

In case the problem is not yielding a solution through the Settings app, you still have some options before you. Reach out to the recovery mode for help. Don’t be intimidated by the terms. This mode can be more of a friend than an enemy. Here are the steps  for coping with this issue.

#1: The first thing you need to do is download ReiBoot, a fresh tool share proposed by Tenorshare. You can open the software and connect the iPhone onto the computer. Once the ReiBoot has found a device, you need to enter recovery mode button.

#2 Following this, you need to wait for a few minutes and see if your device after being turned off is displaying a cable and iTunes icon. Then go back to the software and click on exit Recovery mode.


#3 The next steps are pretty simple. You need to wait for 2 minutes for your iPhone to restart. There should be no blue screen of death now.

Keep this method handy in the event of any further trouble with the phone.

Worse come to worse, you can force restart your phone. Accessing the computer or using tools is only one way to do it. Another is to solve the problem by holding and Power +Home button at the same time, holding it this way for 10 seconds or till the Apple Logo is seen.

This has been a very effective way to get rid of the blue screen of death and you can use this technique in the middle of either an upgrade or a downgrade. Another important point is this method can even be used if you have a problem with corrupted apps or are booting up the device. One of these solutions can be your way to a normal iPhone or iPad.




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