How To Fix iPhone 6 Stuck on Headphone Mode

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// May 6, 2016

iPhone 6 Stuck on Headphone Mode

You are sure that your headphones are not plugged into your device but you see “Headphones” every time you change the volume, and you just can’t seem to hear anything unless you plug your headphones back in.  There are many iPhone users encountering this problem, so you are not alone with it. If you have tried hard resetting and putting your headphones back in and out and it is still not working, this article will definitely give you easy solutions for that.

Why is Your iPhone Stuck on Headphone Mode


Obviously, your iPhone thinks that your headphones are plugged into the jack, even if they are not. This problem is often caused by the headphone jack, while most of the time it is a hardware problem. It could be something physical being stuck inside the jack like a piece of hair or lint, which can be easily fixed by air blowing and swabbing around with a q-tip or toothpick.

Good thing is that it is easy to fix this problem.

Remove the Chances of Software Problem

The simplest way to make sure that there is no problem with the software is turning it off and on for at least 20 seconds. When you turn it back on and it is still stuck on headphones mode, the problem is the hardware. It is either the headphone jack is damaged, or there are small debris stuck inside.

Check your Headphone Jack

You may get a flashlight and check the inside of your iPhone’s headphone jack. Check if there is any small stuff or broken tips of head phones stuck inside and try removing it carefully. Poking a lot may do some damages, but it is worth the risk. Look for a small tool in which you can use to clean the jack, like toothpick or Q-Tip and swab it carefully inside the port.

Fix It in a Minute

To remove any debris stuck inside without using any tool that may further damage your headphone jack, simply blow directly into it. Use your mouth or compressed air to blow all the dust. Then connect your headphones back and make sure that it is completely connected to transmit audio, and then pull it out firmly.


Just connect and disconnect your headphones for a few times if it did not work for the first time. After doing this, your iPhone should be fine already and display “Ringer” when without headphones.

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