How To Fix “iPad Could Not Be Restored, No Device Found”

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// June 19, 2016

Counting the numerous times we have to restore iPads due to critical errors can be tedious. Fixing the device can be even more difficult. These errors are encountered following the updating of software for iPad. Often, users will find that updating an earlier model with a new iOS update can occur on account of faulty connection or cable. Apple also indicates in such a case that “There is a problem with the iPhone/iPad that requires to be updated or restored.” When attempts are made to restore the iPhone or iPad, there is a weird error message which you will then get: “iPad could not be restored, no device found“!

Fixing this problem requires a little bit of understanding and a lot of patience.

#1: Switch off your iPad completely. This ensures that any programs or applications which are running are turned off

#2: You need to check that the iTunes on your computer is correctly restored and click for updates- in case the latest update is present, it will be shown in a message which will ask you to undergo iTune updation.

#3 This is a basic – iTunes troubleshooting step. For this to operate, you need to ensure that your computer is running the latest OS. How can you check for this? It’s quit simple really. In case you are using the mac, check by clicking on the Apple Menu. Then from there, you need to go to the App Store and click on updates. The latest OS X available can be updated on the Mac and if efforts are made to update software, you need to check that your computer is restarted.

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#4 The fourth step is to remove any USB connected to the computer other than basic devices including mouse and keyboard. You need to connect via a USB connector on your PC.

#5 Finally, you need to press and hold the power button on iPad. Then you need to check your connector to your iPad at the same time pressing the power button. You need to release the power button once the computer has recognised the iPad.

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#6 Next, you need to commence with the restore

This step has to be taken a few times before it is put to work. Check if this fixes your issue. In case the steps do not address the issue, take the iPad to the Apple store and get it fixed.



Fixing your iPad and restoring the device is easy provided you know these basic steps. Do visit an Apple store in case the device does not respond to the above steps.

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