How to Fix Error 50 on iTunes iPhone

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// June 19, 2016

iTunes Error 50 is already common and iTunes that are functioning properly may experience this problem every once in a while. Even if this error is Unknown according to iTunes, it is not really a big deal as it is very easy to solve this problem.

What caused your iTunes Error 50″We Could not Complete your itunes store request. An unknown Error occured(-50)? This error usually occurs when iTunes cannot connect to the database server and the synced apps as well as the other stuff of your device are not able to appear on the software interface. One of the main reasons for iTunes Error 50 is weak or error in internet connectivity. However, there are minor reasons as well for it to occur.

iTunes Error 50 usually happens when the purchased list can’t be refreshed due to failed internet connection. The connection between iTunes and the Apple servers cannot be formed because of some network failure. The sync as well as the download of apps and other stuff on iTunes fail which results to Error 50 / Unknown Error.

Solutions to Fix Error 50

The problem is either with your internet connection or other network settings that hinder iTunes from connecting to Apple servers. One of these solutions should solve your problem.

Re-install iTunes

Even if iTunes is installed on your PC, if there was a glitch in the network settings, some files might have been corrupted. Re-installing iTunes may solve the iTunes Error 50. Get the latest version of iTunes from the Apple website.

Fix Network Connection

Simply check your router settings whether it is hindering any port that iTunes uses to connect. Check also if there are any settings that blocks iTunes.

Check the Settings of Firewall / Antivirus

There are many antivirus or firewall programs that could block some files from suspicious programs. Of course, iTunes is not supposed to be on the list of suspicious programs unless it was accidentally put in there. Simply check the blocked software list and make sure that iTunes is not listed for it to work well.

Use Different USB Port

Simply disconnect your device from the USB port that you are using right now and connect it to a different USB port. iTunes might be able to detect the device and restore it.

Clean Registry

Another reason why iTunes 50 occurred could be the Registry. It might’ve gone wrong in the settings that resulted to Error 50. Simply clean the registry and it could solve the problem.

Remove Sim Card

Try to remove your sim card from your device and connect it to iTunes without sim card. There could’ve been sim card problem. If GEVEY sim was used, replace the baseband chip.

This Error 50 is annoying and puzzling at the same time, but it is easy to remove it by these simple solutions.

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