Find Apple products registered to your account

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// July 28, 2012

Finding the Apple devices you have perviously purchased can easily be done by signing going to the My Support Profile page. Any Apple device that has been registered to that account will be shown in the order it was registered.

Find Apple Products

While you are here, I highly recommend checking the VoicePass boxes next to any phone number you may use to call Apple. If you check VoicePass, the next time you call Apple support the rep will already have your account details. This is a great time saving feature.

There’s some very useful information that can be found on the My Support Profile page, such as, serial numbers, coverage details, case activity, repair activity and support resources for the devices.

The Coverage Details page shows exactly what type of coverage you have and the expiration date of the coverage. If the item is still within the warranty period, then it may also be eligible for extended coverage. If the device is eligible, you can also extend your warranty from here.

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