Deleting Unwanted Songs from iTunes Using Your iPad: A Guide

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// February 11, 2014
Connect your iPad to iTunes to get rid of unwanted songs

Q: Hey guys, I recently bought an iPhone 5s (that now runs iOS 7.0.4) and when I was connecting it to iTunes it brought up music albums on my playlist that I do not want on the phone. I think this happened because I connected it to my old iTunes. I have tried to delete those but it does not work, which is very frustrating. It is very terrible music. I would be happy if someone could help me with this problem.

A: Have you downloaded music initially that you find disgusting now? We change as we grow older, and our musical tastes evolve along with us. Wanting to get rid of songs we once embraced is never a bad thing, so long as we replace the bad music with good music.

To delete unwanted songs from iTunes, perform the following steps:

Connect your iPad to iTunes to get rid of unwanted songs

Step #1

Plug your iPad into your computer by way of Apple’s USB cable. iTunes should come up. If not, activate it by selecting the iTunes icon (music note) at the bottom of your computer screen.


to delete unwanted songs, select iPad at the top right of the iTunes screen

Step #2

When the iTunes screen appears, you may need to select the “iPad” designation in the top right corner in order to access your iPad contents.


in iTunes, look for the unwanted music on your iPad

Step #3

Once your iPad information appears, you can then select “on this iPad” above the songs that are listed on your device.


Look at your iTunes purchased list to pick out your unwanted songs and albums


highlight the unwanted song or album in blue like this

Step #4

Scroll down to “purchased” and select the left side label, which will then bring up the songs you have on the device. At this point, click the ones that you want to delete (or remove checks from the ones you want to keep) and select “delete” from the edit tab at the top of the iTunes page.


In the edit window at iTunes, select delete to eliminate your unwanted song or album


You can delete unwanted albums from iTunes as long as you remember to check the entire album of songs and select delete from the edit tab.

If you want to try what may seem to be an easier way, you can always download the songs, then delete them from your device by visiting the Music app on your iPhone 5s desktop, then swiping from right to left until you see the word “delete” appear on a red background. Select “delete” and the songs you want gone from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad should disappear.

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