How To Delete Undeletable Photos On iPhone 6

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// June 17, 2016
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Undeletable photos are a real problem in iPhones 6, or for that matter any device. Apple Is Knowledge Base or KBase has revealed important information on how to remove synced or copied filed. This is the central location for all of the Apple support documents and other important data.

When a file download has been cancelled, or a file copied partway has to be deleted, there could be a problem. If the file was downloaded from Internet Explorer, it is simply a matter of deleting the photo file using download manager.

But if there are other browsers being used, terminal commands are involved. In such cases, you cannot either delete or use an incomplete file which makes it pretty pointless.

How to Solve The Problem

In case of Mac OS X10,2 or later, files partially downloaded can be removed. Different network based apps can be applied this method to yield good results.

The first step you need to take is to open IE. Then choose the Window and Download Manager and select the name of the semi downloaded file. Press Delete. In case this does not work, press Command Delete. Then quit IE. You should not see the elected file in the Finder.

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If this fails, use the fm command and get drastic, but do remember that it can result in accidental data loss on target disk.  After typing the rm command, you need to drag the fileis icon into the terminal window. This automatically enters the pathname file is. Then you need to press return and enter the admin user password when prompted and press return.

Solve The Problem on iPhone

Step 1: connect the iPhone to iTunes

Step 2: sync photos from iPhone to PC (All Folders)

Step 3: you can delete all the photos on the folder on the PC now


Therefore, depending on whether you used IE or some other browser to download the photo file, you can take the concerned actions. For the most part, deletion of iOS photo album is a matter of using Edit. But there have been cases where deleting a specific file from the iPhone has proved tough. Apple has restricted the use of editing for specific folders and special folders where you cannot delete further include Panorama, Video, Slo-Mo- Recently Deleted.

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Deleting iPhone photos which have been synced using iTunes is also a piece of cake. All you need to do is connect the iPhone to the Mac or PC and delete the photos from there. Remember that online photo editing and removal tools are also available but these are less secure.

So choose the safe option and watch your iPhone storage space expand beyond your wildest expectations.


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