Convert eBooks to ePub for the iPad

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// May 22, 2010

If you want a extremely simple way to convert several types of eBooks to ePub for the iPad you will want to try iiiConverter.

iiiConverter is a free online tool that allows users to convert various types of e-books, audio files and short video clips to the native media formats of Apple products: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Output formats are: epub for e-books (*), m4a for audio and m4v for video.
The iPhone and iPod touch since they don’t have native support for e-books. You will need to install special software.

iiConverter will convert all of these formats to ePub; doc, fb2, html, lit, lrf, mobi, odt, pdb, pdf, prc, rtf, txt.

Go to iiiConverter to get started and follow these steps.

  1. Click browse and find the file you want to convert from you Mac or Pc. Then upload the file.
  2. Edit the title and author and convert the file.
  3. Download the file.
  4. Now you can add the file to iTunes and sync it to your iPad.

Here are some instructions to change your cover on iBooks.

iiiConverter is fast and simple but if you have a lot of eBooks you want to convert I recommend Calibre. Calibre is free software that you can download to your Mac or Pc and convert eBooks to several different formats including ePub.

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