Converting Videos for the iPad

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// May 28, 2010

Backing up or copying the DVDs you own to other formats can be a aggravating process. There are many DVD converters out there, most of them are shareware offering you a trial period and they can be difficult to use.

I recommend HandBrake for this job. HandBrake is free open source software that converts a DVD into formats that can be viewed on your Mac, PC, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, Television, iPhone, iPad or mobile phone.

First you install the HandBrake software here. After HandBrake is installed, open the application and click source to add your DVD or video you want to convert.

You can select the destination of the converted video or by default it will go to the desktop.
Now you can select which preset you’d like to use then click on the start button. There currently is not a preset for the iPad but the High Profile preset works good.

The program might take a while depending on the length of the DVD you want to convert and the output quality.

Once it’s done you can add the video to iTunes and sync it to your device.

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