Conserve and Recharge Your Battery: An Inside Tip

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// February 9, 2014
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Have you ever wondered why it is that your iPad battery drains quickly? Since the iOS 7 update, I’ve found that my iPad 3 battery doesn’t last as long as it once did. You’ve been clearing all your webpages, but you still can’t seem to conserve and recharge your battery any faster.

I’ve got a new tip for you, one that you may have never considered: how about placing your iPad in “Airplane mode”? Now, I know – most people never consider doing this until they’re on an airplane and are told to disable their iPhone or iPad until the plane lands. Some airports are changing their minds about this, but you may still want to engage airplane mode if for another reason entirely.

Do you turn off your Wi-Fi when you’re not using your iPhone or iPad, disable your brightness, etc.? Instead of having to remember all the functions that need disabling, why not just set your iPad in airplane mode?

To conserve and recharge your battery using airplane mode, perform the following steps:

Step #1:

Go into your settings app.

Step #2:

From the top of the settings page, slide the Airplane Mode button from left to right. When you see the green light to the left of the button, you can rest assured you’ve activated Airplane Mode.

conserve and recharge your battery by pushing the Airplane Mode button to the right


after you activate Airplane Mode, you will see a tiny airplane at the top left of your iPad screen


Once you’ve done this, you should see the Airplane appear as a small object to the far left corner of your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re wondering whether or not this works, I’ve got the photos to prove it. Recently, I activated Airplane Mode at night (at 10:00pm); I did some Internet browsing on my MacBook Pro and returned to check on my battery level 6.5 hours later. To my surprise, I still had 95% battery life – the same battery level that I had over 6 hours earlier! The evidence is in the screenshots.

Airplane mode is not only good for airport rules, but also for your battery


conserve and recharge your battery for 6 hours, as the screenshots show

Airplane Mode also works for recharging. I’ve found that my iPad charges faster when Airplane Mode is activated, as opposed to the usual directions of “turn off Wi-Fi, decrease brightness, eliminate multitasking webpages that are still running in the background,” and so on. Let us know how Airplane Mode has helped you conserve and recharge your battery on the iPad.

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