Can I update iPhone 5 to iOS 9.2?

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// April 12, 2016
Can I update iPhone 5 to iOS 9.2

Apple recently made the effort to provide the effort for iOS 9.2 update for iPhone 5. This update carries a lot of fixes, enhancements and solutions to the former iconic flagship iDevice. Apple confirmed the iOS 5- iOS 9.2 update with a beta after iOS 9.1 was released.

The beta version….

Like the iOS 9.1 update, iOS 9.2 has arrived with new features and solutions for problems. Apple then improved the iOS 9.2 update with tweaks after the first beta.

Can I update iPhone 5 to iOS 9.2Many releases, one update…

After several beta releases, Apple finally deemed iOS 9.2 worthy of use. iPhone users all over the world can get this update via iTunes or Over-the-air settings. iOS 9.1 got a lot of attention because of its emojis, but iOS 9.2 is a cut above it.

Takeaways from the experience…
iPhone 5 iOS 9.2 update has not created any problems as far as battery life is concerned. Odd battery drain is unlikely and batteries hold up well even in standby mode.

As far as Bluetooth technology and TE or Wi-Fi issues are concerned, there are mostly none. Users can get up to 8 hours of usage after mixing cellular data and Wi-Fi.

Apps are happening…

iOS 9.2 provides users with better application usage experience. Apps such as Twitter and Chrome perform well with iOS 9.2 update. Major lag issues with iOS 9.2 cannot be said to exist. Users have noticed that the applications open a bit more slowly than the previous version of the iOS. Apple iOS 9.2 update has many benefits, especially for users already on iOS 9.

Can I update iPhone 5 to iOS 9.2

There are no major problems or issues. Features and enhancements also bring about enhanced iOS 9 experiences. But a word of caution for iPhone 5 users… if your operating system before this was iOS 7 or 8, be very careful before going in for the update. This is because applications can be impacted and more importantly, there is no way to return to these OS if you are already upgraded to iOS 9.2.

Updating the iPhone 5 to iOS 9.2 is a cakewalk. After creating enough backup storage, you need to install and download the iOS 9.2 app from the website. This will work well provided you are proactive in your approach. Installation is a simple step by step procedure. Going by online reports, iOS 9.2 may be the best operating system yet for your iPhone 5.

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