Can I update iOS 9 for iPad 1?

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// March 14, 2016
Can I update iOS 9 for iPad 1

Will your precious iPad be able to update to iOS 9. The answer to that question is a yes if you have an iPhone that can run iOS 8 and that includes iPad 1. iPad 1 was launched before 2011 but the question arises as to whether it makes the device sluggish. The same fact is observed for the iPad mini.

But reports suggest that the three step process to update iOS 9 for iPad 1 is simple as can be:

Can I update iOS 9 for iPad 1

Step 1: Store backup
Step 2: Use iCloud/ iTunes for the same
Step 3: Get extra storage if 5GB storage of iCloud is not enough
Step 4: Once the backup is complete, download and in-stall the iOS 9 using step by step instructions given for your particular device.

Early rumors indicated that iPad works better with iOS 9 which is more streamlined and quick as well as scores high on efficiency. iPad 1 is not the only one to be compatible with iOS 9. Here are a few others- iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 3.

Online polls were being taken as to whether users should update to iPad when it launches in September.
With incomplete features and the lack of a smooth seam-less run, iOS 9 may not be the perfect choice for iPad 1. A lot of users online have reported on the Apple Help forum that certain devices became more sluggish once the iOS 9 was installed. Updating to one of the new and latest versions is always tougher because you can never predict how it will impact your device. Therefore, it is essential to check and see if the device is functioning fine once the installation has taken place.


Can I update iOS 9 for iPad 1This is because your individual device may develop compatibility issues with iOS 9, so you need to be careful on this score. Generally, the verdict is that iOS 9 works better for iPad 2 than iPad 1. This is why many of the experts and professionals in the field have not recommended iOS 9 for the iPad 1, though it is technically possible.

It’s a classic case of look before your leap if you don’t want to fall hard. Using iOS 9 on your iPad 1 may just lead you to do exactly and practically that.

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