Best Ways to Maximize/Extend Battery Life on Your iPad

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// July 12, 2015
Best Ways to MaximizeExtend Battery Life on Your iPad

Using an Apple iPad, you certainly want to do more and charge less when it comes to the battery of it. Most of the Apple devices are excellent and iPad is no exception for batter. But, you may lose the longevity and performance of the battery after a certain period of time depending on some common factors. So, if you can avoid those situation, along with taking some initiatives to extend the battery life, you can expect your iPad to last more than a day with a strong battery backup.

Stay up to date:

One of the very first things you need to do is to make sure your iPad is running on the latest software version available for it. Apple is always trying to release a better software version that takes care of all the aspects of your device to function better than the old times. Latest version enables your device to optimize its performances to save battery as well, so don’t take it lightly.

Disable Auto Brightness:

Best Ways to MaximizeExtend Battery Life on Your iPad

If you are using your iPad with Auto Brightness on, then your device will take full control of the brightness and drain the battery sooner than expected whenever you are working with your device under the sunlight or such alike. So, simply turn it off and put your screen brightness to the lowest level, which is of course good for your eyes too.

Charge your iPad smartly:

You may not know that if you charge your device after you completely drain the battery, it will not only weaken your battery, the longevity will be reduced too. Thus, put your iPad on charging as soon as it reaches around 50% battery.

Avoid using unnecessary Apps:

Often users download and install Apps that they no longer use after a certain interval which, of course, run in the background and suck the battery. It is advisable that you check the battery usage by going to Settings>General>Usage>Battery Usage and check which Apps are consuming too much of the juice of the battery. You can use some third party Apps to kill the Apps which run in the background; this may work better than any other option.

Optimize your screen settings:

Best Ways to MaximizeExtend Battery Life on Your iPad

Try to use the auto lock feature for your iPad and make the duration as minimum as possible so whenever a notification turns on the display it doesn’t put your display on for too long. That’s one of the efficient ways to extend the battery if you have too many things on your iPad.

Other settings:

If you are using data connection and have the option of iPad Wi-Fi too, then switch it to Wi-Fi because it takes less battery power than the data connection. You can turn off location settings, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi whenever you are not using them. These things altogether drain battery like hell, so it’s better not to use them too much if not necessary.

You can also put your device to airplane mode, which can run your iPad for very long. It optimizes your device for all network settings and will block any network functionality that drains the battery. It is wise to use when you have low mobile network or do not wish to use calling/internet service for some time at all.

Above all, the daily usage and the way you use your iPad will make all the difference. No matter what, never use your iPad under a hot condition or do not overheat your device if you wish to make your device live long with its battery. Apart from that, use the genuine power adapter and try to avoid using some Apps that drain the battery like crazy, such as some iOS games. If you can ensure these in your daily use, you can extend the battery life almost the double times than the normal using.

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