Best New iOS 7 Features

// October 4, 2013
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iOS 7 is here and many, many people are upgrading to Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system. Many of the features have been continuously talked about, but today, we are going to go over some of the the best  features of iOS 7 that may have been missed.

Unrestricted Groups


This feature is a screen real estate saver. You can organize all of your common apps into one group instead of being limited like in iOS 6. This means you don’t need to have Games 1, Games 2, and Games 3 on your home screen. The only negative to this highlight is that you only see 9 apps at a time instead of 16.

Different, Smarter SIRI

Now, Siri is smarter. You can changer her voice to a him. The new Siri will learn how to pronounce the names of your contacts, so no more hearing weird, foreign pronunciations of your grandmother’s name. She can also tell you information about movies, actors, and much more.

FaceTime Audio Calls

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FaceTime Audio is a godsend to anyone who lives in a location that doesn’t have great cell-phone service (or someone who owns a Sprint iPhone). With this nifty integration into iOS 7, you can now make all your calls over Wi-Fi (assuming who you are calling has an iPhone with iOS 7 also), meaning no more wasting those precious minutes. We think that this feature will make calling someone more popular than it has been in years.

Call Blocking

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Because most service providers make you pay a fee to block calls, we think this feature is a major highlight of iOS 7. Since telemarketers are somehow obtaining cell phone numbers more and more these days, being able to block a number directly from your iPhone and iOS 7 is a great feature. This will also be great at the end of relationships, or when you “accidentally” give your number out after a night on the town.

Spotlight, Notification Center, and Control Center

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Spotlight is now more convenient to access than before. You just do a soft swipe towards the bottom of your phone (not from the very top), and your spotlight search appears at the top of your screen. Notification center is still the same as before, but has been redesigned to look much better. You can also control what notification center shows you much more easily in Settings.

Finally, the addition of a Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of your phone) has put the most important features of your Settings at your fingertips (brightness, airplane mode, bluetooth, and more). These three swiping gestures on the home screen make iOS 7 a home-screen-centric mobile operating system.

Monitor App Data Usage

This is another great feature that will save you money. With this feature, you can monitor each app’s usage of cellular data and give permission or take permission away from any app’s ability to work on cellular. With only a few GB’s each month, or less, this feature will inevitably be the most cost-effective in iOS 7. You no longer will have to worry about paying extra for going over your data plan with this feature.


iOS 7 has many great features, and we have highlighted just a few today. We suggest you explore iOS 7 and leave any questions in the comments section.

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