Beating the Five-Photo Limit: How To Attach Multiple Photos To A Single Email in iOS 7

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// January 18, 2014
I sent myself 10 screenshots in the iOS 7 mail app to show you it can be done

Have you ever thought about how frustrating sending photos and attachments in iOS 7 can be? Sending photos and screenshots in the iOS 7 mail app is nothing short of frustrating: first, you can only send five photos and/or screenshots at once (five total); next, if you have, say, 10 additional photos and screenshots to send, you’ll have to send two additional emails to ensure that all your photos and screenshots make their way to either you or someone else (or a group of individuals). Who has time to prepare three emails of photos? Wouldn’t it be easier if Apple allowed iOS users to attach multiple photos from within the photos app to one single email?


Attach one photo at a time in Google's GMail app


Some have proposed what they deem to be a simple solution: copy and paste each photo or screenshot into an email. This process, however, defeats the purpose of copy and paste in the first place. Next, others have said that you can always use Google’s Gmail app to attach files; while Google’s Gmail app has a lovely design and allows you to send 6 or more photos and/or screenshots via a single email, it also requires that you attach each file one by one – and does not allow multiple attachments simultaneously. Technology was designed to provide convenience, and both of these solutions seem to work against technology’s goal. There’s got to be a better way.

Fortunately, there is a better way.


How To Attach Multiple Photos To A Single Email in iOS 7


The following steps will seem so easy that you will think to yourself, “Why didn’t I see this one before?” The problem with the traditional copy-and-paste for single photos above (one at a time) is that it simply takes too long to accomplish. You could become exhausted simply by sending multiple emails. As I said earlier, you want to arrive at a place where technology saves you time – not consumes your time.

To save multiple photos, screenshots, and or attachments to a single email, perform the following steps:

Step 1. Open your photos app.

Select the Photos app from your iPad desktop


Step 2. Press “select” at the top right of your screen. The word “select” should be right next to “slideshow.”

In the photos app, choose select from the far right


Step 3. Tap on all the photos or screenshots you’ve taken that you want to send in one email. Trust me on this one: select more than 5 photos; try 15, for example.

Select your photos, then choose the send button to zoom them to email

Step 4. Select the send button at the top left of the photos app. The send button has the logo of a square with an arrow pointing upward.

Select copy to allow clipboard to save your photos together


If you select more than 5 photos or screenshots, you will notice that the “mail” option in the photos app fades. Choose enough screenshots, and the Facebook and Flickr options fade away as well. Fortunately, you need only have the “Copy” function at your disposal. Press “Copy.” At this point, you will notice that your selected photos will return to normal (without the blue checks at the bottom of each image). This is okay; it just means that your images have been copied onto the clipboard that you can then transmit to your email.

Step 5. Now, go back to the main desktop and into your Mail app to send a message.

Step 6. Select the “compose new message” icon at the top right. The icon has a square with a pencil on it.


Choose compose to send a letter, than press the display until the black box full of choices appears


Step 7. Once the New Message box opens, click on the compose section of the email and press down until you see an array of options appear in black: “select,” “select all,” “paste,” “quote level,” and “insert photo or video.” From these options, select “paste.”


Step 8. At this point, all your photos and screenshots will appear in the body of the email. All you need to do at this point is place an email address at the top and a subject in the subject line. Afterwards, press “send.”

You may desire to test this process out on your own email when you first try it. I did. The result? I sent myself 10 screenshots from my photo app – proof that you can send beyond 5 screenshots and photos to an email address.

I sent myself 10 screenshots in the iOS 7 mail app to show you it can be done


Believe it or not, Apple changed its copy and paste function in iOS 7 (if not in iOS 6). I tried to copy and paste multiple screenshots into Apple’s Mail app from my iPod Touch 3G (running iOS 5.1.1) and failed: I could only send and/or copy five screenshots or photos total. This shows that Apple did indeed tweak the copy function to such an extent that you can now send three times as many photos and/or screenshots than before. With iOS 7’s in-built “Copy” function, I’ve beaten the five-photo limit – and you can as well.

Do you have any questions about how to send emails, photos, and attachments in iOS 7? We here at iPad Help are here to enrich your iPad experience.

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