Automatically add lyrics to iPad music app with Lyricalizer

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// March 12, 2012

A new Cydia tweak called Lyricalizer adds the lyric functionality back to the iPad that was removed with iOS 5. Of course, to install the tweak you must have a jailbroken iPad.

Lyricalizer automatically adds lyrics to songs when you are in the album view in the music app on your iPad. No settings or app is added, only the lyrics function will be added to the music app with this tweak. Lyricalizer automatically scans MetroLyrics, AZLyrics, and on the fly to find your lyrics. That means an internet connection is required to view the lyrics but it also saves you the time of having to search for and add lyrics manually (which couldn’t be viewed anyways on the iPad after iOS 5.)

Using Lyricalizer over Wi-Fi allows the lyrics to be displayed in a matter of a few seconds with the occasional song having no lyrics found on the websites that Lyricalizer uses.

The lyrics found by Lyricalizer are not stored on your iPad, that means the lyrics will not find their way back to iTunes on your computer to be synced to other devices.

Lyricalizer is only available for the iPad and it can be purchased in the Cydia Store for $1.29.

(Via Modmyi)

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