AirPrint using any printer with a Mac – Updated for iOS 9

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// December 26, 2015
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Thanks to a nifty application called AirPrint Activator 2.0 it’s easy to print from your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch using AirPrint (even with iOS 9.) Not only is AirPrint Activator a great solution for printers that are not officially supported to use AirPrint but it’s Free. It’s not free for a limited time or shareware, it’s completely free.

The creator of AirPrint Activator does have a donation link on their website. We are not affiliated in any way but I do recommend giving a small contribution if the software works for you.

I can confirm AirPrint Activator v2.0 does work with the latest Mac software OS X Lion and it works with both iOS 4.3.3 and 5.0.

I downloaded both versions of AirPrint Activator below. It was actually version v2.0b13 that found my printer immediately using Lion, which is different from what the developer has listed. If the one listed with your OS doesn’t work you may want to try the other version.
Alternative method: Download a Printer App

That said, lets get started.

    1. Download AirPrint Activator.
      • Intel based Macs and running OSX 10.6+: AirPrint Activator v2.1b2
      • PPC/Universal based Mac or running OSX 10.5: AirPrint Activator v2.0b13
    2. Launch the application and turn On AirPrint Activator.
    3. You should see your printer listed under “Printers available for Air Printing.” If you don’t go to System Preferences> Printers & Scan> and select “Share this printer on the network.”
      Go back to the AirPrint Activator application and verify that your printer is showing up.
    4. You should now be able to find your printer and print from your iOS device.

Note: Your iOS Device may require that your Mac be running for AirPrint
Shared printers to be available.

If you don’t want to setup Airprint, check does your printer have an iOS Printer App. The newer model printer or bigger printer maker tend to have an App. You can also try to print with a paid printing App from the App store, but first you should check does the app compilable with your printer first. Also new Printer have Wi-Fi Network printing setting if your iPhone 6 or iPad Air is on the same network or you can setup Windows AirPrint.

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