5 Hidden iPad / iPhone Tips You May Not Know About

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// April 1, 2013

Apple occasionally includes some clever tricks on iOS devices that are not found in user manuals or on Apple’s website. We have five useful tips that the average iPad, iPhone or iPod touch user probably doesn’t know about.

Tip One – Hidden Keys

If you use a split keyboard on an iPad or iPad mini you have six hidden keys along the inside edges of the keyboard. The hidden keys are Y, H, B, T, G and V. There’s nothing ground breaking, but it allow users to tap the letters without having to use your opposite hand.

iPad Keys

Tip Two – Swipe to Delete (Calculator App)

calculato-appUsing the stock calculator app on your iPhone or iPod touch you can delete the last number by sliding your finger in the numbers box at the top of the screen. This trick also works on several third-party calculator apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

This will be much simpler than hitting clear and starting over if you are working on a long equation and hit the wrong button.

Tip Three – Long Hold for Drafts

iPad tips
To quickly access your most recent email drafts, you can hold your finger down on the compose message button in the mail app on your iOS device.

Just tapping the compose button goes straight to a new message screen, but a long hold will give you a choice of a new message or a list of your most recent drafts.

Tip Four – Shake to Undo / Redo

Shake to UndoThis tip works on all iOS devices, but it’s easier to use on iPhones and iPod touches. If you shake your iOS device after typing in almost any app (Mail, Notes, Safari, Gmail, etc.) you can undo the last bit of typing. What’s even better is if you shake it again, you have the option to redo the text. This tip isn’t that practical for iPad users, but iPhone users may want to give it a try.

Tip Five – Tap to the Top of the Screen

tap-to-the-top This is something I use daily, but some people may not be aware of it. If you tap the status bar while using almost any app (Safari, Mail, Twitter, etc.) you will quickly be taken to the top of the page. This is a time saver and is much easier than scrolling manually to the top on a long page.

Have any more hidden iOS tips? Please feel free to share them in the comments.

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