How to use Reminder App on iPhone and iPad, How to change priority, move a reminder to different list and add notes on Reminder app?

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// December 11, 2016

iPhone and iPad devices have Reminder app which allows the users to create reminders on their important tasks. The reminders can be synced between OS X and iOS devices. Aside from the built-in Reminder app on your iPhone or iPad, you can also install third party apps that also perform well in keeping you alert on your tasks. But still, the Reminder app is the easiest way to set reminder as it is already installed on your device.

If you are still exploring on how to use the Reminder app on your iPhone or iPad, we can guide and show you how to put entries.

 Changing Priority of Reminders


  1. From home screen, open Reminders app.
  2. Make a reminder or simply tap the “i” symbol next to an existing reminder.
  3. It will show you Details interface where you can see the level of priority.
  4. If the reminder has very high priority, tap the three exclamation points. For lower priorities, tap one exclamation mark.
  5. Once finished, tap Done.

How to Move a Reminder to Different List


To move one reminder to another list, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Reminder app.
  2. Open Default list.
  3. Tap the reminder you want to move to a different list.
  4. Tap the “i” icon on the right. Then tap the list name. You will all the lists of your reminders.


  1. Select the list where you want to move the reminder.

How to Add Gmail Notes to a Reminder

  1. Open Reminders app.
  2. Look for and tap the reminder you wish to add notes to.
  3. Tap the “i” icon to edit the details of the reminder.
  4. Select Gmail Notes and there you can type the notes you wish to add.
  5. Once finished, tap Done.

Should Your Gmail Notes Disappear, you can find a fix here.

How to Create a New Reminder


  1. Go to Reminders app and create a new one by tapping the (+) sign located in upper right corner. You can also select a list.
  2. From the list, tap an empty line to make a reminder. Type your reminder then tap the info sign (i) to edit the details of your new reminder.
  3. Enable “Remind me on a day” then tap the Alarm to set the date and time for your reminder.

Aside from day and time, you can also set your Reminder when you arrive or leave from a specific location. Simply turn on “Remind me at a location” then tap the location. You can choose if you want to be reminded when you arrive on that location or when you leave. You can delete a reminder by swiping left then tap Delete.


It is easy, right? Once you get used to the Reminder app, it is going to be beneficial for you. Let us know your experience with Reminder app in the comment section below!



One thought on “How to use Reminder App on iPhone and iPad, How to change priority, move a reminder to different list and add notes on Reminder app?

  1. Brian P says:

    A lot of people say they don’t like the default iOS Reminders app, but I’ve tried all kinds of to-do list and reminder apps, and none have come close to the utility of Reminders. In fact, if the only app on the iPhone were Reminders, it would still be tremendously useful. My only gripe is that in iOS 10, Apple removed the option from the reminder notifications to remind you again in 15 minutes — your only options now are remind again in 1 hour and remind again tomorrow. If anyone from Apple is reading this, being able to customize these options would be great!

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