How to use Handwritten Messages For iOS 10 on iPhone

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// October 4, 2016

iOS 10 is now featuring handwritten messages on the Message app itself. If you just installed iOS 10 on your device, you have probably seen new features on the Messages app and one of them is handwritten message. There are more features that you should discover and we also have articles discussing how to use other new features.

Handwritten messages for iOS 10 is very easy and also a fun way to compose a message. To use it, you need to turn your device to landscape orientation. Your keyboard will still remain with additional button that allows you to make handwritten messages. The button from the bottom that looks like a loop allows you to enter the handwritten messages interface.

Steps to Use Handwritten Messages

Follow these steps to use handwritten message for iOS 10.


  1. From home screen, open the Messages app.
  2. Turn your iPhone into landscape orientation to enter Handwritten Messages interface. If it did not show, simply tap the loop button at the bottom of the keyboard.
  3. You can start to write your message. Select from the pre-made handwritten messages available at the bottom. You can select previously sent messages so you do not have to rewrite. To make a change, tap Undo.
  4. When finish, simply tap Done.

You can also add more text before sending your handwritten message by typing below the handwritten message. When done, tap the blue arrow to send your message.

Once you send your message, it will show clean and a bit of animation to let the recipient watch how you wrote each letter. The length of handwritten message is limited. It is only used for short messages along with your longer messages. This is only to add more fun in your conversation. You or the recipient of your handwritten message will definitely feel happy watching it. Happy writing!

How To

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