Solutions to Fix WhatsApp Crashing on iOS for iPhone

// July 14, 2016
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WhatsApp has been causing a lot bugs for iOS users. The problem could be from a whole lot of causes- the problem is not known essentially. But you can try some solutions that fixes this problem for most users.

WhatsApp iCloud Backups Can Be Turned Off

iCloud backup can cause lots of bug problem for Whatsapp. As this feature of iOS 8 involves variables, problems can crop up as a result of this. App developers have to firstly update their apps to work with iCloud backup. However, iCloud backup does not support older iOS and OS X versions which is another issue. Even if these variables are correct, certain issues keep coming up.

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Switching off the auto backup is one solution that can be tried. For attaining this, you need to open WhatsApp, Tap on Chat Settings and tap on Chat Back. You then need to tap Auto Backup. Then you need to select Off and activate  WhatsApp iOS 8 chat setting.

#2 Try disabling iCloud Drive

Try disabling the iCloud on iPhone 6. Disabling the iCloud Drive is simple. You need to go to Settings>iCloud and then

Disabling iCloud Drive is easy. You need to go to Settings and access iCloud. First you need to tap on the iCloud drive and then turn off the switch.

#3 Reinstallation of Apps (No Backups)

This is tough to do and while it means losing data, many users found this method to work. But if you feel that you do;nt want to lose all those data, try reinstalling WhatsApp and not restoring it from the backup. You need to delete the app and reinstall it. Don’t pick the restore option, when Whatsapp asks you to. Set up a new installation and you can have a bug free Whatsapp.

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#4 Restore and Upgrade iOS Through iTunes

If updating to the latest iOS through iTunes, chances are all of WhatsApp data is restored too. This could be causing the crash. If you can restore/up-grade though iTunes, it is important not to restore apps from backups. Devices need to be set up as new and apps need to be installed individually (from Updates through Purchased Apps in App Store). While setting up WhatsApp, go in for #3 and don’t opt for restoration from a former backup.


iOS 8 can be fixed to prevent WhatsApp from crashing. There are many quick fixes. All you need to do is to find out which one works best for you.

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