Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 29 When Updating iPhone or iPad

// June 28, 2016

Are you currently experiencing iTunes Error 29 and searching for a solution to fix it? iPhone users commonly face error 29 for various reasons like hardware issues or battery. A small change of electron flow pattern can result to error messages in the system which really bothers many users especially when it mentions that it is unknown.

However, this kind of error is similar with the numerous iTunes error out there which shows up when updating or restoring your iPhone. In appears even if nothing’s wrong with the main board. There are solutions to solve this error which you can easily do it by yourself.

Fix iTunes Error 29

There are few reasons why itunes error 29 occurs such as your device could not be restored or stuck in recovery mode. Here are some solutions to fix this annoying problem.


Solution 1: Update iTunes

Updating or restoring your iPhone with iTunes requires you to update your iTunes as well. It may not recognize newer hardware characteristics which results to error like Error 29. Simply update your iTunes and restart your computer after the installation before trying to update or restore your iPhone again.


Solution 2: Check Antivirus

Error 29 may show up because of the antivirus software installed on your iPhone. If you have antivirus software installed on your phone, complete removal of it can fix error 29.

Solution 3: Restart your PC and iPhone

This is the oldest solution and still solves a lot of errors. Restarting your PC and phone can eliminate some errors like Error 29. After restarting, try to update or restore your phone again and hopefully, a simple solution like this will solve the problem.

Solution 4: Remove Sim Card

There are times that Sim card can cause errors during the update or device restoration. Simply remove your Sim card from your iPhone. Restart your device and reconnect it to iTunes.

Solution 5: Use Original Battery

If you have replaced your battery recently, it can run into errors like Error 29. Get your old battery if you still have it and hopefully it can solve the issue.

Solution 6: Factory Reset iPhone

If the solutions above did not work, simply erase all the contents and settings stored on your iPhone. This can do the trick. Factory reset deletes everything and makes your iPhone fresh again. Simply go to Settings then General, and then tap Reset. This will definitely solve your problem.

If none of these solutions work, simply visit the nearest Apple store to have a check on your phone. Hope this article helps!


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