Solutions to Fix Error 50 When Updating iPhone or iPad

// June 29, 2016

iTunes error 50 is usually experienced by many users whenever the iTunes software fails to connect to the database server. The content such as apps, videos and music are not visible. One of the main reasons why iTunes error occurs is the internet connectivity loss. There are also other reasons why this happens like the purchased content list cannot be refreshed.


This article will teach you how to fix iTunes Error 50 as well as the step by step instructions of how to back up your iPhone or iPad using iCloud or iTunes.

Backup your iPhone or iPad with iCloud or iTunes Error 50 Fix

Below is the guideline of how to create a backup using iCloud or iTunes. Having a backup of your device lets you have the option to recover any content that you have lost or deleted.

Creating a Backup using iCloud


Step 1: On your device, go to Settings, then iCloud, then Backup (for iOS 8 or later) or Storage & Backup (for iOS 7 or earlier)

Step 2: Click Backup Now. Make sure that you are connected to WiFi without interruption to be able to back up your files completely.

Step 3: Ensure that the backup process is finished. Tap on Settings, then iCloud. Go to Storage then Manage Storage. Choose your device. The backup which you created will appear along with its file size.

If iCloud backup on your device is toggled on, it can automatically backup your contents everyday whenever your phone is connected to internet connection, your device’s screen is locked, when connected to charger and when there is still enough space in your iCloud backup.

Creating a Backup using iTunes


Step 1: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC. Launch iTunes.

Step 2: Transfer the data that you downloaded. Simply click File, then Devices, then click Transfer Purchases. If you are using PC and can’t see the File menu, simply hold down Control button + B key.

Step 3: Click Backup Now or click File, Devices then Backup.

Step 4: After the completion, you can now view the backup files. Go to iTunes Preferences, and then click Devices. You’ll see the name of your device along with the date and time when you created your backup.

These are the two methods of backing your files up. To avoid any loss, make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection during the backup process. Check twice before deleting data to avoid confusion and make sure that you backup your files as often as possible.


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