Solutions to Fix Error 14 When Updating iPhone or iPad

// June 19, 2016

Like many other Apple users, you may have also encountered several issues during the update or restoration of your iPhone. These errors make you stop what you are doing and you can’t seem to continue updating your device because of an unknown error. Whether it is unknown or not, there is always a fix for every problem.

Error 14 is one of the errors that you may encounter during the update of your iPhone. There are many solutions to solve this problem and with your luck as well as patience, the error will disappear and you can successfully complete your task. This article will show you 5 simple solutions on how to get rid of this annoying error and all you need to do is to follow carefully the instructions.


Easy Solutions to Fixing iTunes Error 14

Many users have found these solutions effective. Hopefully, one of these solutions can help you solve the problem. You may need to try all of the solutions below to identify which one will work.

Solution 1: Update your iTunes

Since you are trying to update your device using iTunes, it is important that you are also getting the latest version of iTunes. If it is not updated, it may cause errors such as the Error 14. Simply check for the latest iTunes update and download it if available.


Solution 2: Restart your iPhone and PC

If your iPhone and PC were on for a long period of time, you may encounter some errors during the update of your device. Simply restart both PC and iPhone to eliminate possible issues such as the Error 14.

Solution 3: Set Correct Time and Date

Check if your time and date settings are accurate before starting to update your device. Incorrect date and time can cause errors during the update.

Solution 4: Update your Antivirus Software

Another reason for Error 14 to occur is security software. Make sure that you have the latest version before you update your device.

Solution 5: Turn Off your Antivirus Software

If updating your antivirus software did not fix the error, simply pause or turn it off and try to update your device again. Check your security software and make sure that it is not blocking iTunes during its connection to Apple servers.

These solutions worked for many users and one of them should work for you. If not, simply contact Apple of visit the nearest Apple store.

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