Solution to Fix iTunes Error 9 When Updating iPhone or iPad

// June 19, 2016

The iTunes Error 9 is not very common, unlike the other iTunes Error such as 4014 or 3194. However, this error is experienced by many users too so do not get frustrated when you encounter this problem. When it prompts, it stops whatever you are doing. Error 9 usually prompts when trying to update the firmware.


Fix iTunes Error 9 – “This iPhone” Could not be be restored. An unknown error occurred.

ITunes Error 9 has many solutions just like the other error codes. Solutions that can work for other devices may not work on yours, and vice versa. All you need to do is to try all the possible solutions to determine which one can solve your device’s problem.

iTunes Error 9 can be a software issue or a hardware issue. Your firewall might be blocking the connection to websites like iTunes trying to connect to Apple servers (software issue). Many users have encountered this error because of hardware issues like faulty USB port and damaged cable.


USB Port

One of the easiest ways that can solve this problem is by changing the USB port. Simply disconnect your cable from your current USB port and plug it in to a different port. You might be surprised of how it can solve your problem during your update.

Damaged or Unplugged Cable

If your cable is loose, your device loses its connection to iTunes which can lead to multiple errors. iTunes Error 9 can also be one of them. Check your cable if there are any damages or if it is not connected to the port properly.

Use Different PC or Laptop

If you have a different laptop or PC with iTunes installed, you may as well try to use that for updating your phone. This is one of the easiest way to solve the error.

Firewall / Anti-virus

This is a software issue. If you have set up your firewall, you need to ensure that it is not preventing iTunes from connecting to Apple servers. Whenever you try to update your iPhone or iPad, iTunes start connecting to Apple servers.

If iTunes stopped from connecting to Apple servers, it shows you an error. One of the errors is Error 9. Although Error 9 is not very common, you should still check your firewall settings and make sure that iTunes is not listed on the blocked list.

These are some easy solutions that can solve your problem and let you update your device. Hope this helps!

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