Fix iTunes/Apps Store Error 9814 on iPhone

// June 29, 2016

iPhone 6 are not only for calling and sending text messages. It has many features that users enjoy such as Face time, health apps, and there are many options in purchasing fun apps like utilities, books, music, movies and games. It can be really frustrating if these features become unavailable especially when you purchased an iPhone to have access on the numerous apps available.


You are probably annoyed because you can’t purchase apps that you like from iTunes online store? Or even after purchasing the app, it does not run smoothly or has a lot of errors? Probably you are experiencing Error 9814, but do not worry at all as you are not alone. Some people also experienced the same problem and good thing is that the solution for that is already known.

Simply follow the instructions below to get rid of the iTunes Error 9814. You’ll be able to fully enjoy your iPhone again and get all the fun and entertaining apps that you like.

Fix App Store Error 9814

Follow the simple steps below to hopefully get rid of Error 9814.

Step 1: Close iTunes first and check if your time and date settings on your device are correct. Error 9814 usually occurs when the time and date are not correct so make sure that you are using the accurate time.


Step 2: Select the Apple menu from the top left corner of your screen and click System Preferences.

Step 3: Another menu will appear. Click “Date and Time” icon to change your phone’s settings.

Step 4: You will see the option “Set Time and Date automatically”. Simply tick the box beside it and it will automatically update the time and date of your phone using the time of your internet.

Step 5: You can now close the system preferences and open iTunes store. You can now buy the app that you like and run it.

This should solve the problem. If it still does not work, try to check the system preferences again and search for the time and date setting manual option. Use applicable standard time like the time given from the television and do the instructions again carefully.

Just repeat the process until you solve the problem and you will be able to download the apps that you’ve been longing for!


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