How To Fix Error 56 For iOS 9.3.2

// June 19, 2016
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Following some of the recent iOS updates, users had a hard time going through firmware update process easily without interruption. When Apple dropped the iOS 8.3, many users of iPad and iPhone experiences activation glitches on their devices. Minor as well as internal problems were also detected following the installation of new firmware.

Apple has released iOS 9.3.2 and it is causing errors for iPad Pro users, because bricking the 9.7 inch device with an Error 56 message creates an issue. According to iPad Pro users (and this includes a major chunk of them), this problem occurred when they tried to download the latest version of iOS 9.3 through the OTA method which implies checking the Settings app. You need to go to the General section and thereafter opt for a software update.

Error 56 Appears ” The Cisco Systems, inc. VPN Service has not been started. Please start this service and try again.


Soon after that, the problem referred to as Error 56 came on to the scene asking users to plug iPads into the computer and start up iTunes. In association with the documentation found on the Apple website, this creates a hardware rather than a usual software issue in the update.

What Can Be Done to Fix The Problem?

To fix this problem, users can try one of the following. Downloading and installing latest version of iTunes is one way out. Another is to restore the device through iTunes. The device can also be restored through iTunes and Apple Support needs to be contacted as the last resort.

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Apple also said that it was issuing the update soon. The recent software iOS9.3.2 update has left iPads reporting Error 56 wherein the company’s support page defines a hardware issue and affected iPads will not move beyond the error. Instead, the presentation is to the Connect iTunes screen.

Support Document Suggests A Way Out

For those affected, as stated in the support document and Apple’s comment, connecting to iTunes and attempting a restore is the first step to try in the process of trouble shooting. The next key step is to call Apple Support or go in for a trip to the genius bar.

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Here’s your checklist for fixing the error:

#1 Ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes

#2 Check if there are conflicts or issues with third party security software

#3 Check if the USB cable, computer and network are reliable and then aim to restore the iPhone, iPod or iPad

#4 Those still seeing the error message should check for modified or outdated software

The final resort? Contact Apple Support.



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