How to Fix Error 4005 iTunes for Windows

// June 28, 2016
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Many iPhone errors are related to update or restoration of devices. One of these is error 4005. Along with other errors, this can be similarly annoying. There are many ways to fix iPhone error 4005 and once you try these out, the error can be eliminated.

#1 Restart Your Software

While considering possible solutions to the problem, start with one that is simple even easy. Switch off iTunes on the computer and switch it on again. many errors which are seen disappear when the software restarts.

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#2 Reboot the Computer

If error 4005 is not AWOL after this, you still have another option. Go ahead and reboot your computer if the error is still there. This can be extremely helpful if the computer is not rebooted for some period of time.

#3 Install the Latest iTunes Version On Your Computer/iPad

If one is a Mac user, iTunes can be opened and the latest version of iTunes needs to be installed from the menu. Click on Check for Updates and you will get what you need. On Windows 7 however, you need to open the program and select help from the menu, before searching for updates.

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#4 UpdateYour Device

If your computer is not up to date, this could be the reason why the error occurred. For Mac OS X users, the selection has to be made from Apple Menu by clicking on the Apple Store and checking if there are available updates. For those who are Window users, checking the start button will yield the program menu and you can select Windows update.

#5 Change the USB Cable

This can really help to solve error 4005 on your computer, iPhone, iPad or any other device.

#6 Change the USB Port

Along with changing the cable that connects the iPhone to the computer, you need to change the USB port for such devices. Restoring or updating devices is simple and you can fix the issue with these methods.


So don’t fret if error 4005 is haunting you. Choose these different methods and watch all your difficulties blown away. Don’t try one method, try several and see which works best for you in the scenario. This can make all the difference between iPhones that work and those that do not. If you want to keep your iPhone error free, maintenance is also a must.


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