How to Fix Error 21 iTunes When Restoring or Updating iPhone or iPad

// June 28, 2016

It is common to encounter iTunes errors in iPhone or iPad Air and these errors usually happen because of how the users handle their devices. However, most consumers still prefer to buy Apple devices for fewer hassles and the latest device.

One of the errors that can be encountered while restoring your iPhone or iPad is the iTunes error 21. There are no specific buttons that you can click that can fix this error and all you need to do is to simply check all the possible solutions below to finally get over with this annoying error. These solutions are pretty easy so you can surely get rid of this error.


Solutions for iTunes Error 21

Here are the top solutions that you can try to finally remove iTunes error 21 while you update or restore your device.

Restart iTunes

This is quick and easy. You may encounter errors when iTunes tend to be laggy such as error 21. There could also be an interruption in the connection between iTunes and your device during the update or restore which resulted to a corruption of files. Simply close your iTunes and launch it again to minimize the errors that you may encounter and hopefully Error 21 will disappear.

Get the Latest Version of iTunes


Are you using the newest version of iTunes? Not updating your iTunes software can cause errors and this could be the reason why you are experiencing such error. Simply check for the latest version and download it. After the installation, try to update or restore your iPhone or iPad again.

Turn Off Antivirus

When you are updating or restoring your device with iTunes, it connects to the Apple servers. Your security program like antivirus could have listed iTunes in its block list which hinders its access to the Apple server. Check your antivirus settings and make sure that iTunes is not listed there or simply turn it off for a while.

Check Host File

Make sure that .hosts file does not block Apple’s servers. Blocking the Apple’s servers can cause errors like Error 21.

Unplug Unnecessary USB Devices

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If you have many USB devices plugged in your PC that you do not need, simply remove them. Those devices can cause interruptions or conflict which makes iTunes not be able to detect your iPhone.

These are some easy solutions that can help you solve the error. Hope one of these will work out for you. If not, simply visit the nearest Apple store.


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