How to Fix Error 20 on iPhone or iPad

// June 28, 2016

If you encounter Error 20 while restoring the backup files to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes or iBackupBot, this only means that iTunes is not able to connect to Apple servers and without knowing the cause of it is really annoying as you cannot finish your task. This article gives you the possible solutions to solve your problem.

Solutions to Fix Error 20

Solution 1: Programs like anti-virus software or firewall software could be preventing the restore process and hinder the connection between your computer and Apple server. Simply check your third party programs and make sure that it is not blocking your iTunes to connect to the Apple server.

Solution 2: Try to change the USB port that you are using. Simply unplugged your USB cable on the current port and plug it in to a different port. The reason for Error 20 could just be a faulty port.

Solution 3: If you already changed the USB port and still no difference, try to use a different USB cable. Make sure that the USB cable that you are using is in great shape and not damaged, as that can cause errors such as the Error 20.

Solution 4: The backup files that you are trying to restore could be damaged. Some contents are probably missing or your device has software issues. If that is the case, simply enable the Transfer system log to computer automatically option iBackupbot.

Launch iBackupbot. From iBackupbot, select View, then Options. Select a folder to store system log files on System Log Folder option. This folder may already exist on your PC.

Connect your iPhone or iPad until Devices appear on iBackupBot. From Tools, select System Log under your device’s name. a new log file will be created in the folder and transfer system log it to automatically.

After trying all these steps and you still can’t resolve the error, simply contact Apple support or visit the nearest Apple store.


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