iPhone Developing Weak Wi-Fi Signal Connectivity Issues?

// December 19, 2015
iPhone Developing Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

iPhone users will often have to put up with Wi-Fi connectivity issues. But if this is causing a problem that you want to fix, here are some amazing tips to help you through the process. So, get ready to use this fix-it methods and have your Wi-Fi working smoothly and seamlessly again.

Is your Wi-Fi greyed out? Then these quick tops should work for you. The exact reason behind the greying out is well documented. It is not as well understood however. Issue is believed by some to be related to power management optimization issues introduced with the firmware version. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure. The iPhone is designed to conserve energy by switching off hardware elements. This includes the Wi-Fi. Sometimes Wi-Fi radio chips on your iPhone may also overheat following the disabling of the chip causing your Wi-Fi to grey out.

iPhone Developing Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

1. Use the iPhone settings to reset the network settings. To do this you need to open the Settings application on the phone and disable the Airplane Mode. Then you need to go to General and reset by tapping the reset network. Resetting network settings will remove saved Wi-Fi passwords however. But this is a small issue if you want to get your Wi-Fi connectivity back again. Restart the iPhone by pressing the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously till the iPhone screen goes blank.

2. Upgrade your iOS to the latest version if the Wi-Fi is still greyed out. Backing up iOS data is important in this context. Make sure that you use iTunes latest version and restore the iPhone via this. Create backup data for your iPhone too.

iPhone Developing Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

3. Apple suggests placing the iPhone in a zipper and placing it in the freezer to cool the overheated chip. Be warned however. This could damage your iPhone. There are many other quick fixes for iPhones which are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi but poor connectivity can easily be dealt with using a simple reset. It’s when the Wi-Fi is totally greyed out that the problem starts to reach a peak.

But with these new tips and techniques to combat poor Wi-Fi connectivity, you can step into the iPhone universe exuding the confidence of a tech professional in the complete sense of the term.

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