iPhone Black Screen Bug After iOS Upgrade

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// November 8, 2015
iPhone Black Screen Bug After iOS Upgrade

iPhone 6 users face multiple issues after iOS 9. The upgrade can be be very frustrating and one of those is the iPhone black screen bug that appears once you are done with upgrading on iOS 9. Usually, the screen appears black on launching an app, probably because it was running for the first time. For some, the screen freezes for a split second, where as for others, it doesn’t go away until you press the home button.

Some users have also complained about the frozen screen after using the Voice call feature to make a call while others mentioned about leaving their phone in a car too long under extreme hot weathers. Almost all the users from iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5 and so on have been wrecking their brain to understand what’s really triggering such an appearance. You can easily make the black screen appear yourself by following the instructions below:

iPhone Black Screen Bug After iOS UpgradeiPhone Black Screen #1

  • Disable Siri by clicking on the icon “Settings > General > Siri > Disable”
  • Press the Sleep icon to lock your iPhone screen
  • Hold the Home button and press till the Voice Control activates
  • Make a call to anyone through the Voice Control
  • Talk for a few moments and then end the call

Here’s the moment when you will experience the black screen as soon as you try to open an app which hasn’t been opened previously. However, to resolve the display bug, follow on with the instructions below:

  • If your Siri is disabled, enable it back by going to “Settings > General > Siri > Turn Siri On”
  • Go back to Setting view page, press on “Display and Brightness”. Alter your iPhone’s Display Zoom view by choosing the other option besides the current setting. So either “Standard from Zoomed” OR “Zoomed from Standard”.

This will hopefully resolve the black screen bug. However, few users recommended the second way of fixing the bug which is as follow:

iPhone Black Screen Bug After iOS Upgrade

  • Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom View > Zoomed > Set. This will generate a pop up letting you know that changing the display zoom will restart iPhone and you then tap on “Use Zoomed”. Once your iPhone switches back on, start with the Settings and end up using “Standard” instead.
  • Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and disable “Auto-Brightness”
  • Restart your iPhone device by simultaneously pressing on/off and home button until the Apple logo appears in front of you.
  • Tap and press the app you were having issues with and click on (x) sign on the top of the app icon when it start jiggling.
  • Visit the App store and download the app again.

If none of these helped you out to get this bug fixed, then probably you should contact through Apple’s forum or their online support to get a better solution for your device.

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