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// February 10, 2017

Many users have reported sudden slowness of their iPhone 6/iPhone 7 Plus keyboard after updating to iOS 10. There are also iPad Air users having the same issue as there are always few seconds delay when they are typing. If you are also experiencing keyboard delay, lag, freezing keyboard,  it takes few seconds before keyboard appears, shortcuts not working or anything that keeps you from having a good typing experience, you have landed on the right page. We will show you how to fix iPhone 7 Plus keyboard slow problems.

iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Keyboard Slow

It can be really annoying when you are typing a message or anything and your keyboard just starts to become super slow or lag. Especially if your vibration or keyboard tap sound is on, the vibration feedback or sound effects are few seconds delayed and it probably started to get in your nerves. We all know how that feels!

Slowness of keyboard usually occurs when composing messages, typing emails and texts. Even if you were in a good mood, a lagging keyboard can really piss you off. We do not want your keyboard problems to ruin the day so we have some suggestions to get rid of iPhone 7 Plus keyboard slow issues. You may have to try all of the tips below to make sure that you can get the best keyboard experience!

If your keyboard is frozen and you cannot go back to home screen, all you have to do is to press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button together with the Home button for few seconds. When the Apple logo appears, it means that it is already rebooting your device. Then you can follow the tips below on how to improve the performance of your slow keyboard.

Solutions to Fix iPhone 7 Plus Keyboard Slow Issue

iPhone 7 Plus and iPad keyboards have amazing features such as autocorrect, predictive, and lots of emojis to offer. However, you cannot enjoy all of these if your keyboard is slower than a turtle!

#1 Disable Reachability

To disable reachability, go to Settings and tap General. Tap Accessibility and select Reachability. Simply toggle it off. This solution works and hopefully it will also work on your device. Combine it with other solutions below! (Reachability is for bigger iPhone models)

#2 Disable Zoom

To turn it off, go to Settings and tap General. Select Accessibility. Under Vision, toggle off Zoom.

#3 Set Display to Standard

For iPhone 6 and later, you can set display zoom to standard. Simply open Settings app and tap Display & Brightness. Tap View and select Standard. Tap Set to continue.

#4 Reset Keyboard Dictionary

To reset keyboard dictionary, go to Settings and tap General. Tap Reset and select Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

Turn off Keyboard Settings

You can try to disable some of the keyboard settings to see if it will improve your keyboard experience.

#5 Turn off Predictive Text

You can try to turn off predictive text to see if it will help your keyboard to perform better. Open Settings app and tap General. Tap Keyboard then toggle off Predictive.

#6 Disable Dictation

To disable dictation, go to Settings and tap General. Tap Keyboard and look for Enable Dictation. Toggle it off.

#7 Turn off All Keyboard Settings

To somehow improve the performance of your keyboard, you can try to disable all settings. Open Settings app and go to General. Tap Keyboard and toggle off all settings from Auto-Capitalization to Shortcut.

Keyboard Predictions Not Working

When iOS 8 was released, a messaging feature called QuickType allows you to only type the first few letter of the words you wish to type and keyboard can already predict it.  This feature makes texting easier as there is no need to type the whole word anymore. However, if keyboard prediction is not working on your device, there is an easy way to fix that.

Swipe up the small tab above the keyboard and this will re-enable QuickType feature. Sometimes, it just disappears suddenly but it only takes one second to get it back. Now you can already enjoy the magical prediction of words.

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Tying Problems with Specific Letters

Are you also having typing specific letters such as Q and P? It is one of the common problems as the keyboard can be too small for the users’ fingers. Even the backspace button is also a problem for some. Many users have added a bumper to their iPhone 7 Plus to omit typos.

Cannot Send or Receive Text Messages

When you are sending messages on your iPhone 7 Plus using the Messages app, it could be trying to send your message via iMessage. If there is no internet, it would not send the message. Make sure that you turn off iMessage option to SMS when you wish to send your message via SMS. You can set it up on Settings.

Other Solutions to Fix iPhone 7 Plus Keyboard Slow Issues

If the problem still persists after doing all solutions above, check if you already have the latest iOS version. If not, check for new updates and install it. You can also reboot your iPhone 7 Plus. Some users deleted unused apps and major lags disappeared such as iPhone 7 Plus keyboard slow problem. Virus or certain Apps can also make a slow keyboard.

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