How to Fix WiFi Problems on iOS 9 on iPhone

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// October 23, 2015
How to fix WiFi problems on iOS 9 on iPhone

When the WiFi is down and some apps stop working on the iPhone, most people completely forget there are other things that work without WiFi too. We are so connected to staying connected to the internet 24/7. Internet addiction is an elaborate issue of our time but maybe leave that discussion for another day.

Some iPhones is having Wi-Fi trouble after updates. Official fix for this is not available yet, but that’s what tech savvy people are for; to find loopholes for every problem. So to solve the problem at hand, there are a few things you can try.

How to fix WiFi problems on iOS 9 on iPhone

The first thing that comes to mind when any device is troubling you, be it system problem, software problem or anything else you can name is restarting the device. Right you are to do that. Reboot your iOS device as well as your modem and router. Let’s believe restarting has magical tendencies.

If rebooting doesn’t solve the problem, then go to your settings option and tap on WiFi. Find the “I” option and choose the option that says “forget this network”. Then choose the same network to connect to the internet. Sometimes this solves the issue.

If you still haven’t been successful at solving the WiFi problem, then pull out all the stops and reset the network settings. Yes, the gasp was appropriate response here. By resetting, you will lose all WiFi networks saved on the device and their passwords as well as VPN settings. It may feel like extreme measures but it works. If you do not know how to do this then, go to Settings and hit General > Reset> Reset Network Settings.

How to fix WiFi problems on iOS 9 on iPhone

If the problem is still not resolved, then check if location services are activated on your iPhone. If so, disabling it has also proved to overcome the issue. If you do not know how to do so, then follow these steps: Privacy > Location Services > System Services, and disable Wi-Fi Networking. Once the steps have been complete, reboot your device.

No luck yet? Then here is what you need to do next. Think back to how you have upgraded your phone to iOS 9. If you used the OTA update, then that could be the root of the problem. Do a clean installation of iOS 9 via iTunes and if there are any issues on the phone that you might not have noticed, will be resolved automatically. You can find tutorials available online, free of cost, on how to install iOS 9 via iTunes.

How to fix WiFi problems on iOS 9 on iPhone

If nothing has worked and WiFi on the phone is still bugging you, then you have no choice but to downgrade to iOS8.4.1. Nooooooooo! Sorry for the bad news but hey, at least no more annoying WiFi problems. If you do not know how to do so, then look for tutorials online, they are pretty easy to find.

Hope your problem is resolved soon and you can go back to (wasting hours and hours) surfing the internet hassle-free soon.

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