How to Fix iTunes Store is Unavailable Error

// February 14, 2016
How to Fix iTunes Store is Unavailable Error

Apple Support is not the only way to resolve the issue of iTunes store unavailability. The best ways to fix cannot connect to iTunes Store error on iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 or iTunes for Windows are as follows.

Step 1: Check the Internet connection

Internet connection is not functioning well enough can also be a reason for iTunes store unavailability. Error can be framed differently depending on the nature of the device. The device may report that one cannot connect to iTunes store as an unknown error has taken place. Another is not being able to complete the iTunes store request because iTunes store is temporarily unavailable. The device may also urge users to try again later. iTunes may also be unable to connect to iTunes store and for solving this problem, you need to check the network connection is active and then make the attempt. One cannot complete the iTunes store request and the network connection cannot be set up- this could be yet another error message received from iTunes.

Step 2: Check if the iOS 9.3.1 is Up to Date

How to Fix iTunes Store is Unavailable Error

The Operating System is another important point in the whole picture. You need to check if the Operating System is up to date. The OS needs to be updated sometimes as this may be the reason for unavailability of iTunes store.

Step 3: iTunes latest version should be used

This is another important point in checking the iTunes store availability. Error messages are possible if the latest version of iTunes is not being used.


Step 4: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch quick fixes for iTunes store unavailability error

Device needs to be updated to latest iOS version. For this, you need to verify settings, general and then update. In case the device has the latest update, it is important to move onto the next step. One needs to restart the device and the Wi-Fi router. You also need to switch between Wi-Fi and Cellular 3G network to ensure that time, date and time zone should be accurate. You need to establish Settings followed by access to General, Date and Time.

How to Fix iTunes Store is Unavailable Error

You need to also head over to App Store and make accurate updates using the Cloud Button to download the purchased Apps. Method should be used for ensuring the Apple Servers are not down and operating well.

Step 5:

Another quick fix is to manipulate the date of the iOS 9.3 device for fixing the issue. You need to go to settings and then select the date and time. The next step is to disable automatic time and date. This can fix and counter the iTunes store unavailability error message. Apple Support team can also help.

Of all these methods that are available for ensuring an error free functioning of iTunes, checking if the operating system is up to date or the iTunes is updated work really well. In the unlikely event that the internet connection is faulty, you need to check the same and ensure its proper operation. Finding out the cause of the problem may well turn out and be able to download your Favorited apps.

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