How To Fix iTunes-App Store Songs Greyed Out on iPhone 6

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// June 23, 2016
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Songs on the music app iTunes can sometimes get greyed out on the iPhone and you can’t play them anymore. This can be quite annoying and is generally a problem related to the sync. There’s no reason to worry when songs get greyed out on your iPhone. Sync issue is the key reason it happens and this can create a real problem. In case the file is missing on your computer but still listed in iTunes and it has been synced, you too can get back into tune with the following steps. These steps will work even if the file is corrupted or modified in a way making it imperfect for iTunes or iPhone.

Fixing this issue is far more simpler than iMessages issue or WiFi problems. There are many different ways to fix the greying out.

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#1 The first step

You should take is to resync your iPhone with iTunes carefully. Wifi syncs have a problem in particular. In case there was a network error while you were syncing your songs, this has led to a greying out problem. While resenting, ensure that you use USB cable and not Wi-Fi.

#2 Re-adding iTunes Library

Another step which can work is re-adding the iTunes library. Problems or issues with song files on the computer are a critical reason why songs maybe greying out. Moving a song file or the folder it is contained in before syncing can also cause songs to be greyed out. In order to fix this, you should recheck your iTunes library and get the aspects looked into. Make sure you refresh your iTunes libraries and playlists and ensure all songs are there. This includes songs which have been greyed out on the iPhone. Once the iTunes library has been checked you need to resent to fix the errors.

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#3 Clean sync

is another method to fix this problem. You need to backup all your songs and in case they are stored in a folder somewhere, you can even forego this set. Then eras all data from iTunes library and sync it with the iPhone. This will cause all songs from the iPhone to be removed. Add all the music folders to iTunes so libraries can be created. Then, you need to reboot your iPhone and sync it. The new music which was in your iTunes should now be in your iPhone

#4 Another cool way to deal with this problem is the use of third party apps. These third party apps such as CopyTrans can help in managing music on the iPhone and then it gets synced and transferred without greying out or any other such glitches.

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