How To Fix iPhone 7 Safari Downloads That Are Stuck

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// September 27, 2016
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iPhone 7 is a wonderful device to have but there can be problems, especially if there are glitches in Safari. Trying to install an App store app that doesn’t seem to finish downloading? In some cases, restoring from an iCloud backup and certain applications will never finish downloading on your Safari browser, we can help you to get these apps unstuck.

#1 The first step you have to take is to ensure that you have a working Wifi connection on iPhone

Before taking any step, make sure that data connection was not cut out. Easiest means to test this is to check if Safari webpages are loading or an iMessage is being sent.

In case data reconnect is the issue, you need to resolve the problem and start downloading where it was discontinued. In case there is nothing wrong with the connection, you need to proceed to the second step.

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#2 Tap on the Safari icon?

Sometimes people don’t realise they tapped on a download while it was in progress. There needs to be an installation pause. You can then tell if you have accidentally paused the install if the pause icon over it with the word paused below it is visible. In case the install does not seem to have been paused, tapping can trigger a frozen install to pick up when left off.

In case a single tap does not work, you can try tapping it again. In case nothing happens following a few seconds, you need to check the second step.

#3 Reboot the iPhone 7

Like other iOS issues, a reboot can fix applications which are hanging up. You need to hold down the Home and Power button on the iPhone and do this at the same time. Don’t release until the Apple logo is seen on the screen. Following the full reloading of the iPhone, you need to check if the stalled application is still present. In case it completely resolves, you can move forward.

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Rest Safari

Go to General->Safari-> and tab on Clear History and Website Data. This will remove all the download and website history.

#4 Try to Delete Safari and Reinstall It(Enable Restrictions)

Often apps can be deleted while installing. In case the tap on the app and the reboot does not fix the issue, the app needs to be deleted manually. Hold onto the application icon in case apps start working. Tap on the x icon on the upper left hand corner of the app and indicate that the app has to be deleted.

In case the application disappears suddenly, you can try and reload it from the App store. In case deletion does not take place. check out the next step.

#5 Sign out of iTunes completely and then, download another app in Safari’s place or just play the waiting game.


Whichever method you try, you need to make sure that the Safari application works well after using the technique. You can also try the trial and error method to see what suits you the best.

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