How To fix iPhone 6 Storage Full After Deleting

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// June 17, 2016
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Big Gaming Apps and high quality photos have made it very easy for your iPhone 6 to fill up on storage. Users with massive 64GB storage models can also run out of space. You could use these steps if you want your iPhone 6 to get back those spaces:

#1 Clear Up App Space

This is one of the most obvious yet least thought of trick to fix and find iPhone 6 storage space is through clearing up app space. You only want apps actually stored on iPhones. All else can be expended with.

#2 Only save HDR photos

This is important because you need to delete older phones in the photo s app. iPhone allows you to take HDR images and hence to disable the original image from being saved, go to settings and keep normal photo switch turned off. Go to Photos>Albums>Recently Deleted>Select All>Delete because the store videos and photos you’ve deleted will last for 30 days.

#3 Delete Books and Videos

Downloading movies to iPhone on long plane or train rides is common, but this also means loss of space. Delete videos you don’t want and don’t spare the iBooks either. Great thing about removing both is that you can download them whenever you need them-just store them in a USB


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#4 Watch out for Newsstand apps

These are apps that contain all your digital mag subscriptions and can really take up a lot of iPhone space. Once individual papers have been deleted, the entire app can be removed

#5 Auto delete messages
Delete messages because these can take up gigabytes of space, especially if messages are sent or received a lot through text. In iOS 8, there is a fresh setting where old messages can be automatically deleted. Another culprit can be voicemails. Apple’s Visual voicemails take up a lot of space on the iPhone if it is never deleted. Goto Setting> set the Messages to “Keep Messages” for 30 days or 1 Year.

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Apps can end up storage full even if you are using little storage and social media. Some of the methods to deal with this are as follows. Manage iMessage chats and MMS photos as well as clearing Safari cache and history. You also need to delete Safari cache and history as well as crash logs. Don’t use photo library service and restart the iPhone following upgrade. Another important point is to release iPhone space using powerful tools. With these handy tips, you can easily solve problems and watch your storage problems solved in a jiffy.

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  1. Amy says:

    By using saved imessages enabled forever will make your iCloud and local storage full easily. So it is best to delete it once every 30 days. Just a nice tips to know, so you won’t need to pay extra money for iCloud stroage.

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