How To Fix Crashing Apps on iPhone and iPad

// March 12, 2016
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iPhone apps and iPad apps are commonly stable and you seldom encounter applications which crashes. In iOS, crashing apps immediately close the app and goes back to the device’s home screen. App can crash when launched, or in the middle of using the app. Updating to the latest 9.2.1 iOS can cause apps to randomly crashes/

How To Solve This Problem

There are solutions that can remove all your troubles when using an app. You may try all of the solutions below to check which results best.

Solution 1: Quit the App and Relaunch. This is the simplest solution in solving an application that crashes. Just quit the app and relaunch it.

Double click Home button to open the multitasking screen. Swipe up the app that you wish to close and press the Home button again to return to home screen. Relaunch your app and see if there are no more crashes. This solution clears the app data and cleans it.

Solution 2: Update the App to the latest version. Keeping your apps updated will help you minimize crashes and improve stability. When developers find bugs existing in their app, they make an update to fix bugs and improve smooth control.

Just go to Appstore and press on Updates. You will see all apps that have updates ready to be installed. You may update your apps one by one or update it all. After updating your apps, relaunch it.

Crashing Apps

To keep your apps updated without having to go to Appstore, go to Settings, choose iTunes & App Stores. In Automatic Downloads, switch on Updates option.

Solution 3: Delete App and Reinstall. This will uninstall your app and remove all documents and data inside it. Go to Home screen, tap and hold on the app until all apps are shaking. You will see X in all apps. Press X on the app you wish to delete.

Go back to Appstore and search for that app again. After installing, open the app. It should work better.

Solution 4: Update Device To Latest iOS 9.2.1 Version. iOS often release updates to fix bugs and improve stabilization. It is important that you update your software. Most apps also require devices to be updated on the latest software in order to work smoothly.

Go to Settings app and choose General. Select Software Update. You will see Download & Install. Tap on it, then read and agree to terms and conditions. Just wait until the downloading and installing process is finish.

Solution 5: Reboot Your Device. The best solution of app crashing problems is to force reboot your device by holding down the Power button and Home button until you see the Apple logo. Let it boot back and check your apps again when it’s on.

Solution 6: Downgrade the current iOSSome apps will have problems with the newest iOS, so you might need to downgrade the iOS for it to not crash.

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