How to Clear Documents, Photos and Data On iPhone to Free Up Available Storage

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// June 13, 2016
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Document and Data on iPhone 6 can be a baffling problem when you run out of space. The aim is to clear the iPhone 6 storage and get back storage. Well, you came to the right place, once it is known what Documents and Data are, making your iPhone 6 storage full it would be easy to fix.

#1 Check the App Stock

Taking stock of apps is important. This is more so if you use a lot of stock apps such as Mail, Messages, Safari and Videos. While apps deal with data, they also store it. Apps have different data sets and ways of removing them. For Safari, you need to clear the cache, reading list, history and cookies. Clearing message attachments and old conversations is one of the biggest steps to take if you want space in your iPhone 6. Another good way to clear up space is clearing out old mail and attachments. iTunes can be cleared by removing music, movies, TV shows and thumbnail cache. Albums in your photo stream and voice mail messages also need to be checked.

#2 Assess Third Party Apps

Unlike Documents and Data stored by stock apps, third party apps are tougher to locate unless software such as iExplorer is used. One way out can be to delete and reinstall the app. Another is to delete data wherever possible.

#3 Check iCloud Documents

iCloud documents don’t take a lot of space unless there is heavy use. You can remove documents from pages, numbers etc from iCloud documents by tapping Delete All to remove them. Some of the ways to do this is also use software such as iFunbox, PhoneClean and iBackupBot.

#4 Check Your Complete Usage

This can be seen on the basis of understanding used and available space. Local storage should also be monitored regularly to clear up space on your iPhone 6. When available space is added and used, it is not added up to the total size of the phone.

#5 Analyse Apps taking Most Space

If you check out Manage Storage, you can get a good idea of how much space the app will consume and the space used by the data and documents of the app. For example, podcasting app Downcast takes over 650 MB and 17.1 MB for the app and 605 MB for documents and data.

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#6 Check Your Photos and Videos Usage

This is also important because photos and camera apps can take up more space than realised so apps have to be dealt with directly.


You need to ditch apps you do not use. What is the point of having the application on the phone if you’re not using it? It takes up necessary space which could have been used for other purposes, more important than this. So clear up space today and watch your storage grow.

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