How To Download USA Apps Without Credit Card

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// July 22, 2016

Normally, you need to enter your credit card or US mode of payment when creating an account on iTunes. For example, if you are staying outside the U.S., you could not download Apple iBooks app or other USA apps listed in U.S. iTunes store on your device.

There are hundreds of USA apps available on US iTunes store and you cannot just simply add them on your iPhone or iPod if the iTunes account that you have is registered to a different country and not U.S. You will see a lot of apps on iTunes store but when you already tap on install button, it will show you a pop-up message saying that your account is only valid on your country’s iTunes store. How do we fix this problem and get the apps that you want? It is pretty simple.

Create Account on iTunes


You do not need to enter credit card number just to get free USA apps from US iTunes store. One way to create an iTunes US account without entering credit card is to download a free item from the iTunes store and not through the official sign up process. You can choose anything that you like, an app or a song or a movie.


Step 1: Choose a free item or app and try to download it by clicking the Free button. When we try to download an app without using any account, iTunes will require us to sign in first.

Step 2: Instead of using your existing Apple ID, make sure to tap Create New Account.

Step 3: Simply complete all the fields and enter your new email address and password.

Step 4: In the credit card list, there will be an option “None”. This option usually does not appear when you sign up right away without trying to download a free item.

This solution should work for you and you do not have to enter credit card number anymore. However, the trick to make it work even better is by putting US address on your US account. Simply search for any real address in the US and use it.

Creating a New Account on iPhone 6

You can create a new account on your iPhone 6 by simply signing out from iTunes and iCloud account.

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to iCloud.

Step 3: Tap Create a new Apple ID.

Enter your name, email address and birthday and make sure to use a new or different email address. Choose a password and pick security questions to continue. Having an optional rescue email address is also important to complete the form.

To be able to download apps and continue, verify your account first. Simply check your email and click the link which is sent by Apple. You will be asked to sign in to your iCloud account in order to verify your email address.

Choosing Country on new iTunes or iCloud account

Before you can start to download apps from a different country, you need to select the country on your new account. Open App Store and tap Featured. Scroll to the bottom and tap Sign In. Simply use your new iTunes or iCloud account.


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