How to Block Spam Phone Calls in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad

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// October 11, 2016

One of the major things that can definitely annoy someone is spam phone calls. If you are kind of busy or expecting an important call from someone, getting calls from scammers or telemarketers can be really annoying. The great news is that iOS 10 now makes it easier to block spam phone calls so there will be no more disturbances for all users.

You can install third-party apps which are made to block spam calls. The apps contain a huge data base of phone numbers around the world which were reported to be spams. When you receive an incoming call, the app checks it first and if it just a spam, the app will block it automatically.

Best Third-Party Apps to Block Spam Calls

Since the feature of allowing developers the extension for Phone app, there are still not many in App Store. Here are the 4 best third-party apps that you can install on your device to block spam calls.

  1. Hiya
  2. WhoCalls
  3. Who Called
  4. CallBlock

These apps contain huge amount of phone numbers as well as the spam phone numbers. They can detect and block calls from scammers, debt collectors, automated systems and telemarketers. They perform as an extension of your device’s application which help in filtering out the calls from those you do not want to have conversations with.

How to Install Call Blocker App

  1. First you need to download one of the applications from App Store. You can try Hiya, WhoCalls, Who Called or CallBlock. (If there are more apps available right now, let us know!)
  2. After installing the app, open Settings and tap Phone. Select Call Blocking & Identification.


3. Turn on the app that you installed. If you installed more than one, you can activate all of them.


4. You can change the settings of the call blocking app that you installed. For instance, you can check the information of the caller first before blocking them. You can also make the app check the information of non-spam calls too.

As of now, these apps are the only apps available in App Store and there will be more apps soon that will work even more efficiently. If ever a spam call managed to get through, it is easy to block the number on your own.

How to Block Spam Phone Calls in iOS 7 and higher

It can also be frustrating to receive calls from people that you do not really want to talk to, like an annoying cousin or your stalker. Blocking spam phone calls in iPhone devices running iOS 7 or higher is very easy. For instance, you received a call or you just did not answer since you do not want to talk to that person anyway. Then you wish to block the number so that it will no longer bother you.


To block their numbers, simply open the Phone app and tap Recents at the bottom. Look for the unwanted phone number and tap the “i” symbol next to it. Scroll down and hit Block this Caller and tap again to confirm.

What happens to the blocked number? If this person tries to call you again, he can only hear one ring and will be diverted to O2 messaging services to record a message. However, your iPhone would not ring anymore nor show the unwanted number on your recent calls. The recorded message will be available in your voicemail but not in the common place. It will be saved in a separated folder for blocked numbers but it will not notify you to prevent any bother. That is actually great, right?


Open the Settings app and look for Phone section. Scroll down and tap Blocked. This will show you the list of the phone numbers that you blocked. Simply tap Add New to put more numbers in your number block list. However, you need to add the unwanted or annoying number in your contact list first for it to work.

How to Unblock Phone Numbers on your iPhone

If you happen to change your mind and you already considered unblocking the numbers you already blocked, it is easy to switch that.

Simply open Settings app, tap Phone and tap Blocked. Tap Edit then you will see red circle next to the list of phone numbers you blocked. Simply tap the red circle of the phone number you want to unblock and tap Unblock.


Another way to unblock the number is by going to Phone app and Recents. If the number is still registered in your Recents list, you can tap the “i” symbol and “Block this caller” will be changed to “Unblock this caller”. Tap that to unblock the phone number.

Are you already using an extension to block spam phone calls and other unwanted calls? If yes, let us know which one you are currently using as well as your experience with that app. Share it with us in the comment section below. We would like to hear from you!


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