Skrek Kart for the iPad


Gameloft developers have created a Shrek based racing game for the iPad. The racing game is in a cartoonish style, similar to Mario Kart.

The courses are all detailed in a 3D environment full of references to the films. You can choose from a number of Shrek characters. Each player comes with stats for speed, acceleration, and handling to help you decide who’s right for you.

While you’re racing, you can collect weapons (tornadoes, angry bees, pumpkins) to use against your opponents. Additionally, each character has a signature weapon that only they can use. Shrek, for example, uses his incredible flatulence to propel himself through brick walls.

The game is entertaining for anyone but it is ideal for young Shrek fans.

Game Features

  • 4 SINGLEPLAYER MODES: Single Race, Tournament, Challenges and Arena modes.
  • LOCAL MULTIPLAYER MODE: Race against other over Wi-Fi or bluetooth.
  • MILES OF RACING FUN with 19 cups in the Tournament mode and 72 challenges to face!
  • 10 UNIQUE KARTS: Each character has custom built his or her own vehicle, each with a special ability and different characteristics.
  • 15 TRACKS (12 Speedways & 3 Arenas)
  • MORE THAN 10 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Ogre Triplets, Puss In Boots, Gingy, 3 Little Pigs, Pinocchio, Big Bad Wolf and the Ghost of Lord Farquaad.
  • iPod LIBRARY ACCESS: Rock out to your own personal soundtrack.

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