Real Racing HD for the iPad


Real Racing HD is still one of the best racing games available for the iPad or iPhone. The stunning graphics and smooth game play is about as good as it gets on any portable game console.

Here are the game features

HD GRAPHICS: high resolution textures, more detailed car models and exceptionally smooth graphical performance.

CAR SKINS: select an image from your Photo Album to automatically wrap it around your car and race it on your iPad. Export built-in skins, edit them in your favourite paint program, and import them back into the game for personalised racing decals. Check for new skins!

GHOST RACING: race against a pre-recorded ghost saved on your iPad or downloaded from Firemint’s servers. Improve your personal best, or race against the top drivers. Ghosts will also appear in Online League races, making them even more fun and competitive!

WATCH REPLAYS: watch your Time Trial races or any races uploaded to the leaderboards. Select different camera angles and learn the best racing lines from top drivers.

USER INTERFACE: new HD graphics and changes to take advantage of the larger screen, including a redesigned Career Menu.

Real Racing HD also includes all content and features from the iPhone version:
– 48 cars in 4 classes: Hatch, Sedan, Muscle and Exotic.
– 12 unique tracks in City, Forest and Desert settings, 6 car grid lineup.
– Race the way you want to with 5 game modes: massive Career Mode with 76 events; Quick Race; Time Trial; Online Leagues; and local multiplayer for up to 6 players over WiFi network or 2 players over BlueTooth, playing on either iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (a copy of Real Racing or Real Racing HD is needed on each device).
– In-car cockpit view with animated driver and dash, or external camera.
– Numerous control options including touch or tilt to steer, and manual or automatic acceleration and braking.
– Extensive connected features including global leaderboards, Facebook app for friends leaderboard, and uploading video replays to YouTube (check for details)
– Select your favourite songs from your personal music library while racing, or listen to the included tracks.

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    Is there a way to upload the replays to YouTube?

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