Predators for iPad

Predators, is based off of the new movie, Robert Rodriguez presents: Predators.

The game has you playing the Predator and you are on the hunt for humans. It’s is just as you would expect a game where you play as a Predator to be, it’s extremely violent, even rewarding you for executing special kill moves. The Predators weapon of choice is a couple of long nasty blades that are used for ripping out human’s head and spines.

There are 24 different intense and hostile levels, set in a dense jungle. You can unlock different attacks and weapons after completing missions. There is thermal vision and you can use a stealth generator and vanish with chameleon-like transparency.

The controls takes some getting use to. Unfortunately, they aren’t always super responsive and this gets frustrating when trying to pull off some of the specialized moves.

The graphics are good but they are not going to blow you away.

Overall, this is a very good game. If you like violent games, you can’t go wrong with Predators for $2.99.

New Features In Version 1.1

  • New improved Predator moves and animations
  • Stunning new weapons upgrades effects
  • Upgraded enemy AI and tactics for even greater realism
  • Recalibrated balance of levels to give a further edge to the awesome action
  • Enhanced game performance and stability.

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