Modernist Smart Backpack For Charging iPhone On The Go

// August 23, 2017

This Modernist Smart Backpack is ideal for everyone! Whether you’re an international traveller, a business person or you’re just looking for an everyday bag, this backpack provides all the essentials you may need. Equipped with smart anti-theft features, USB charging port and sleek unisex design, this backpack will soon become your favourite everyday companion.

Material and The Modern Backpack Design

Made from PU fabric on the outside, this backpack is weather resistant. shockproof and extremely easy to clean. If you happen to spill anything on it, just wipe it with a cloth and you’re good to go. The inside of the backpack consists from a combination of multiple layers, including an anti-sweat and a permeability layer. Due to its anatomical design, this backpack distributes weight evenly on your back, thus removing the pressure from your spine and keeping your back healthy! It is also designed to relieve the weight from your shoulders, making you feel like you’re carrying 20% to 25% less weight than you really are.
There are three ways you can open your backpack- at 30, 90 or 180 degrees, so you can access the contents of your bag anytime and in any circumstances. The elastic strap on the back of this bag allows it to be attached to a suitcase if needed.
An USB port is integrated into this backpack, so you can charge your iPhone/iPad or (any other smartphone) on the go. Simply connect the device you want to charge and continue your travel without fearing losing all battery power.


Due to reflecting stripes on you’re the back and the sides of your Modernist Look Backpack, you will always be visible to other traffic participants at night. The reflection from the stripes can be seen within 100 meters, and they are guaranteed to keep you safe in traffic even at night.
Let’s talk about another security issue – theft. This backpack comes with a modern, built-in safety system. The zipper is hidden in the back of the bag and no thief ever could find his way into your bag! With hidden pockets in the sides and the back of the bag, your valuables will remain safe and in your possession.


The Modernist Smart backpack carry a capacity of 20-35 litres, this bag will fit all your needs! You can go to a field trip, business meeting or a journey around the world, all with one bag. Its design is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a solid and spacious bag with smart features and anti-theft mechanism.


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