Why Does My iPhone Battery Run out So Fast?

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// September 17, 2015
Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast

You’re playing on your phone, the game gets intense, pressure piling up and then…..the battery dies. Can’t ignore the low battery warning all the time now, can we? After a frozen screen, this is the second most annoying thing. Here are a few tips you can try to improve battery efficiency and life.

You open an app on your iPhone; the system gives you 10 seconds to perform the next action and if you do not close it, it switches to dormant/ sleep mode and stays open, sleepily, till you access it again. These apps that were meant to close and sometimes while silently sitting in the background, these apps crash and cause battery problems due to which your battery drains.

Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast

Battery can also drain fast when your iPhone starts heating up. We usually skip paying closer attention saying it’s a hardware problem. So wrong, so very wrong. This happens because of the apps crashing in the background. To resolve this problem, close the apps once in a while (and make that a short while).

This is a big one: the push mail service where your iPhone is connected with your email server at all times and waiting to alert you of any action in your inbox drains battery faster than you have anticipated. The solution to this problem is easy. Just go to your settings and tap on Mail, Contact, and Calendars. Next tap on Fetch New data and turn off the Push option. Do this individually for all alerts and set it to every 15 minutes.

Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast

Your iPhone is tracking your location wherever you go like a stalker that tracks and keeps record of everywhere you went. The location tracking app can come in handy in times of crisis, so we do not recommend turning it off altogether but make some changes in the settings so that your battery performance is not affected. The location services on your iPhone also track your location which is a bit excessive, so what you do is limit the apps that do some tracking. Moreover, the record keeping part is a bit upsetting to most users. Nobody likes sharing phones and the idea of there existing a record of the activity and data on my phone gives most of us goose bumps.

Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast

iPhones have seemed to become a permanent part of our anatomy. Though this is a very true sad fact, this issue is to be addressed some other time. Like all things, iPhones also need a break. So switching it off once in a while, say on a weekly basis, will be a wise thing to do. For instance, we can’t let a laptop or computer system keep running without a break or switching it off for a month at a stretch. Additionally, restarting your phone refreshes the processes on your phone that you haven’t paid attention to.

There are multiple solutions to iPhone battery performance and efficiency issues and if you have some specific issue that you need to look into, ask Google (it claims to know everything).

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