What to Do iPhone Drop on Floor

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// August 8, 2015
What to Do iPhone Drop on Floor

No doubt it hurt when you have dropped your iPhone on the floor. The very next thing after your initial reaction would be “what to do”…”where I should go” and so on and so forth. To be honest, if you are using older versions of iPhones, then you can be very unlucky as there might not be replacement parts available in major service centers. In fact, this holds true for any device you may have an accident with. Nevertheless, there are some ways and things you should know when you face such an unpleasant incident.

What to Do iPhone Drop on Floor

  • First of all, as soon as you pick up the device in your hand, don’t immediately try to unlock it. Rather, have a close look if any part is visible to you as damaged.
  • Shake the phone for a while to hear any shaky noise which may indicate that something is broken inside the device which rarely happens though.
  • Check if the back part is holding solid and make sure it doesn’t feel unfit to you.

Once you have made sure of all these, try to unlock the phone. By any chance if it got switched off, then try to switch it on in the usual way. You can expect the same boot time if nothing went wrong with your iPhone.

Now, in cases where you can clearly see the display or the backside is broken or cracked, then also follow the same suggestions above at first. Later, try to see if all the functionality of your iPhone is working as per your expectations or previously you have experienced. If you notice everything is working properly, but just the screen is broken, then don’t worry, it will cost you around $200+ to fix the screen in  Apple stores. For the back part, it may cost around $20 approximately. However, the cost may vary from version to version for repairing the screen and the back part. Noteworthy, Apple store may not accept all the versions of the iPhone, but iPhone 5 and 5C they are taking for sure.

What to Do iPhone Drop on Floor

Since this is a case to fix with mostly hardware part of your iPhone, it’s better not to experiment with it and make the situation worsen. You should consult with Apple store for immediate actions if you face situations like: your device isn’t turning on at all or the display is totally blank. In such situations, it is always suggested to seek a professional help rather wasting time fixing it by yourself.

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