How to Setup Activation Lock on iPhone Plus and iPad Air 2

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// April 11, 2018

Setup Activation Lock on iPhone 7

With the increasing rate of thefts, it is important to setup activation lock on iPhone 7 / 7 Plus and iPad. Since the release of iOS 7, Apple users can now take advantage of the security mechanism Activation Lock. This feature prevents smartphone thieves from using the stolen devices, keeping the documents and personal information of the owners safe. In case an owner misplaces his smartphone in a public area, he or she can use the Activation Lock feature to automatically secure the iOS device with a contact number displayed on the screen. If anyone finds the missing iPhone or iPad, they can easily call the owner with the contact number provided.

The Activation Lock feature works using the Apple ID and iCloud setting Find My iPhone. This allows the owners to track the location of the device using Wi-Fi radios and built-in GPS. It also helps in preventing the iPhone or iPad from being activated again by a different Apple ID. This means that only the owner’s Apple ID can set up the device even if the thief restore it to its default settings.

How to Setup Activation Lock on iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPad Air 2

Follow these steps to setup activation lock on iPhone or iPad. Make sure that you have Apple ID, iCloud account, and an active internet connection. If you have the older versions of iPhone and iPad, you can also setup activation lock on iPhone as long as it is running iOS 7.

Step 1: From Home screen, open the Settings app.

Setup Activation Lock on iPhone 7

Step 2: Tap on iCloud and make sure that it is signed in with your iCloud and Apple ID account. The Find my iPad or Find My iPhone service is off by default.

Setup Activation Lock on iPhone 7

Step 3: Tap the switch next to Find My iPhone or Find My iPad to turn the feature on. Tap OK to confirm.

That’s it! You just setup activation lock on iPhone 7 or iPad Air and it is linked to your Apple ID and iCloud account. To know how it works, read the section below.

How to Test Activation Lock on iPhone 7/7 Plus or iPad Air 2

To know how Activation Lock works after restoring to factory settings, read these steps.

Step 1: To check how Activation Lock works, the iOS device has to be restored to its factory settings. This will remove all settings and data.

Step 2: After the iPhone or iPad reboots, it will load the welcome screen. Simply swipe the slide to start setting up the device and choose your language and region.

Step 3: Choose a Wi-Fi network and tap Next. Your iPhone or iPad will now try to activate by connecting to the Apple’s iCloud servers.

Step 4: If you have previously setup activation lock on iPhone or iPad and you did not deactivate the feature, the Activate iPhone or Activate iPad screen will be displayed. This means that the device is linked to your Apple ID and only your account can be used to continue the initial phase.

If the Apple ID is incorrect, it will prevent the activation of the device. This prevents thieves and other people from accessing your iPhone or iPad.

Step 6: After entering the correct Apple ID, simply tap Next to continue with the device activation. After authenticating to iCloud, select Enable Location Services.

Step 7: You can now choose how you want to set up your iPhone or iPad. You can set it up as new or restore it from iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup.

What To Do If You Misplace or Lost Your Device?

Whether you misplace your device or it has been stolen, you can put it into Lost Mode using Find My iPhone. You have to do this right away before anyone can turn off turn off Find My iPhone, erase your device, and reactivate your device. To turn on Lost Mode and lock your device, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign in to Find My iPhone by entering your Apple ID in You can use PC, Mac, or your other device available.

Step 2: In your Devices list, tap on the device that you want to lock or track.

Setup Activation Lock on iPhone 7

Step 3: Tap Actions and select Play Sound (if your device is nearby) or Lost Mode (in case it has been stolen).

The tracking or locking of your device in Lost Mode will begin right away if it is online. If your iPhone or iPad is offline, the tracking and lock will take effect when it is online.

To keep strangers from accessing your device, it is important to setup activation lock on iPhone 7 or iPad. Have you also lost your iPhone or iPad? How did you retrieve it? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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